Orbital Sciences Directorate

The Toy Soldier Orbital Sciences Directorate is the space program of the Army of Toy Soldiers.


Toy Soldier Orbital Sciences Directorate envisions to spread the ideals of a Utopian Playland farther than our small blue marble by bringing the Army of Toy Soldiers into space. Envision a world orbited by giant robots, satellite platforms for shenanigans and a terraformed moon that looks like our friendly soldier face logo! In this quest the OSD will utilize any technologies available to get there, using reverse-engineered technology from crashed UFOs — along with more mundane high-altitude balloons, rockets, and spaceplanes. With this, we will bring happiness and creativity to the stars, and build a Utopian Space Station!

NEWS FLASH: The experimental Hamstronaut program is now open for volunteers: Please let your hamsters know that we are accecpting applications for our suborbital and orbital experiments, and allow them to sign up for the program on this page. Further information is forthcoming.